Death Penalty – Focused Thrust


A small group of committed death penalty supporters has organized a phone campaign – of a different sort.

Tomorrow through Friday they have leased phone time im an Omaha campaign center. Northstar Campaign Systems was a great help to us in defending Fremont’s illegal alien ordinance. Their phone system requires no experience and a small group can easily cover hundreds of calls in a few hours.

The difference in this campaign is that calls go to constituents in districts of key senators. The calls make them aware of the need to contact their senator. I’ve not verified it yet but there may be a feature that connects them directly to their senator’s office so they can make the call before they get off the phone.

We appear to be within a couple of votes of being able to sustain Gov. Ricketts’ veto of Ernie’s bill – and constituents always have the loudest voice. This is a chance to get people speaking who otherwise would not.

If you’re available to make calls between 10 AM & 5 PM tomorrow (Wednesday) through Friday – even for 1 hour – you’ll find it’s actually fun. Here’s the contact information:

NorthStar Campaign Systems

11421 Davenport St (approx. 3 blocks south of Dodge on 114th)

Omaha, NE 68154 402-913-0742

Stay In. We’re Down To The Final Days



May 6, 2015

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