LB576 – Cap Your Real Estate Tax

March 13, 2017 … This just in from Paul Van Behren of


Every time I write one of these I bite my lip. There’s no such thing as a “most important” bill. Add this year’s 11 conservative freshman to the core senators we had and you finally have a place at the table, as well as a host of bills worth supporting.

But if we’re learning anything, it’s to be strategic. First things first. There’s a reason behind this email. LB 576 was heard in committee this week. It had the most support of any bill heard Thursday.

Have you ever considered that what is now the single, biggest tax in Nebraska is the only major tax that ignores your ability to pay… that property taxes are growing twice as fast as your income… that if you’re a business or farm/ranch, they’re going up even faster? And how dare you think that the 600-or-so property taxing entities already have enough!

576 is so simple: It gives the Unicameral till 2019 to find a workable solution to take the pressure off your property taxes. If they can’t, a simple cap kicks in for 4 years. Your taxes could go down but not up. It quietly says “If you can’t solve it, stop the increases until you have a plan.”

WE TRULY NEED YOUR HELP. The Revenue Committee is under great pressure for revenue solutions. Because 576 isn’t a specific solution, it will be easy to ignore it. Because there are no serious solutions proposed, it’s time to understand Nebraskans have had enough and expect property tax relief!

By Thurday (3/16/17) – Please CALL & EMAIL a simple message to the senators on the Revenue Committee: The message is simple: Please vote LB 576 out of Committee and onto the Unicameral floor for full debate. To create your own message, these might help:
– I strongly encourage you to vote Yes on a motion to advance LB 576 to General File.
– LB 576 deserves a full and complete debate by the full House.
– Nebraska’s property taxes are already too high and should not go higher.
– LB 576 gives the Revenue Committee flexibility to fully support any other bill.
– The people of Nebraska deserve to know where the members of the Revenue Committee stand on the issue of stopping our out of control property taxes.
– I will be following committee votes.

(Hover mouse over email address and it becomes a live link to use with your mail system)

Smith, Jim
(402) 471-2730
Brasch Lydia
(402) 471-2728
Friesen Curt
(402) 471-2630
Groene Mike
(402) 471-2729
(402) 471-2722
Larson Tyson
(402) 471-2801
Lindstrom Brett
(402) 471-2618
Schumacher Paul
(402) 471-2715

And if you will, please let Sen. Brewer’s office know your contacts. It’s a great help to understand the support out there. You might even thank Colonel Tom for taking a long-overdue stand in Lincoln.

There are other worthwhile bills. This one starts to defang the monster that is on all of our backs.

Thanks For Your Help

March 13, 2017

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