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In a recent email from Nebraska Leaders List, the following I thought was worth posting here on


There were several questions after last week’s email discussing the possibility of a militia in Nebraska. I’ll rearrange the order of answers for clarity.
“Militia is a harsh word with negative connotations.” Point taken, so substitute the purpose: “security”, self-protection”, “defense”, “safeguard”. Take away the emotion and it’s a positive term.
We have an out-of-control executive branch, using force to control what happens.
Our government structure provides the power stop it but it appears unlikely that will happen.
Nebraska’s protection from external threats depends on that national government.
We may find ourselves unprotected from the increasing chaos.
So we’re not going to dwell on a potential threat but it would be naive to think it can’t happen.
What about the Nebraska state militia? Numerous attempts have been made to contact them. No response.
Is the governor involved? He is, with the formal, state militia. This project will be shaped by the people involved.
Why do we have people in Texas? First, the border is in chaos. The border patrol has appreciated the help from militia groups. But the feds in general are doing worse than nothing. They are actually clearing areas that allow the cartels to operate unrestricted in Texas and Arizona. (First-hand information like that is one of the benefits of people on site.) So first, we help Texas. Second, with that fed policy it’s likely the chaos will spread. It’s an opportunity to learn and understand, just in case.
I can’t go because of finances, family, my job, etc. – Only a relative few are needed to actually go. There are lots of ways to be involved here at home. But it’s critical that a few go, to gain experience and knowledge working with others. So if you can’t go, support those who can.
This will be an ongoing effort. The 2nd Texas team comes back this week. A 3rd goes back early September. We also have an individual going to the AZ border. No teams needed there for now.

August 6, 2014

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Militia Q&A

  1. Lory Storm

    Well, I agree with everything but the fact that militia is a harsh word with negative connotations. Most of us owe our very existence to the very first militia in this country. It is mentioned in the Constitution as the last resort to stop a tyrannical government from taking the liberty and freedom that first militia fought and died to give us. WE MUST STOP LETTING THE LEFT CONTROL THE NARRATIVE! The only people stating militia is a negative thing are those in the media and on the left, so no, I won’t replace the word. I will take my Constitutional liberties, stand up, be counted and recognize that the tyranny we are currently living under is far more negative, dangerous and harsh than any militia I may form as an individual, SOVEREIGN, Citizen.

    People need to GROW UP and stop with this scary word, scary gun, scary militia bullshit! It’s now or never people, come out from under your veil of fear and weakness and do something to stop your country from being swallowed by the Marxist left. If you don’t you can just get ready to spend the rest of your life on your knees cowering. Sounds like that may suit some of you very well, but you won’t take me with you.

  2. Captain Michael Blue USA Ret.

    Well said, Lory, I totally agree with you. I get very ticked off at peoples’ apathy in the face of a major, cultural genocide. This is deadly serious. Thank you for your leadership. Praying for you.

  3. Randy May

    I couldn’t have said it any better, Lory. I just don’t understand these “Sheeple” that seem to accept some of these liberal ideas as status quo … God help our souls!


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