Our 2nd. Zoo!


You know we have one of the world’s biggest and best zoos in Omaha. The second largest zoo in Nebraska is the Unicameral in the final days. All the behaviors are on display: Vote trading to the point of compromising key principles; bills popping on and off the agenda; overrides of the Governor’s vetoes (enjoy your new gas tax); courageous stands against small odds (a small group of senators fending off licenses for illegals as long as they could). If the stakes weren’t so high it would be amusing.

There are 2 bills that still need your voice and focus:

LB 268 – Ernie’s attempt to repeal the death penalty. It’s tight – and winnable. If you’re still looking for short, concise comments for a senator, consider these:
LB 173 (authored by Ernie, of course) – will already take away many of the enforcement options county prosecutors and enforcement officers have told us they need to effectively prosecute and incarcerate. The death penalty is an extension of the attack to take away strong enforcement and local control.
2 Vivid Object Lessons (do you suppose the fact these just happened has anything to do with the delayed debate?):
Last week’s double murder of a mother and brother in Omaha that has prosecutors calling for the death penalty.
This week’s prison riots where 2 inmates were killed. Think about this one. You’re in prison; life without parole. With no death penalty, do you have anything to lose by murdering another inmate? What are they going to do? For a sociopath who doesn’t have to deal with conscience, why not take advantage of the opportunity?

LB 586 – Homosexual preference in the workplace.

All you need on this one is to look around. Anytime we engage in protection or “tolerance” of a minority – illegals, the poor, homosexuals, minorities, etc. – the result has been the same. “Protection” or “tolerance” becomes preference. Preference creates privilege. Privilege becomes entitlement. And entitlement produces intolerance – of the majority that tried to protect them.

We no longer need to speculate on the homosexual agenda. It is on full display nation-wide. You may only be selling wedding cakes or pizza. But freedom of belief and conscience are not yours to have. You must be silenced.

We have the opportunity to stop avoid the mistakes of other states. Stop 586.

Here are the priority contacts for each bill.

Please call and email. We’re down to less than 10 days and you know the liberals aren’t quitting yet.

Death Penalty – LB 268
Homosexual Pref. – LB 586

Bloomfield Dave
(402) 471-2716
Vote NO – LB 268
Vote NO – LB 586

Coash Colby
(402) 471-2632
Vote NO – LB 586

Craighead Joni
(402) 471-2714
Vote NO – LB 586

Friesen Curt
(402) 471-2630
Vote NO – LB 586

Garrett Tommy
(402) 471-2627
Vote NO – LB 268

Hilkemann, Bob
(402) 471-2621
Vote NO – LB 268

Hughes Dan
(402) 471-2805
Vote NO – LB 586

Johnson Jerry
(402) 471-2719
Vote NO – LB 268
Vote NO – LB 586

Kolterman Mark
(402) 471-2756
Vote NO – LB 268

Krist Bob
(402) 471-2718
Vote NO – LB 586

Kuehn John
(402) 471-2732
Vote NO – LB 586

Larson Tyson
(402) 471-2801
Vote NO – LB 586

Lindstrom Brett
(402) 471-2618
Vote NO – LB 268

Murante John
(402) 471-2725
Vote NO – LB 268

Schilz, Ken
(402) 471-2616
Vote NO – LB 268

Seiler Les
(402) 471-2712
Vote NO – LB 268

Sullivan Kate
(402) 471-2631
Vote NO – LB 586



May 15, 2015

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