Perry Speaks At Heritage

This is what Governor Perry had to say this morning …

It was my honor to speak at the Heritage Foundation today, where I addressed the pressing crisis posed by drug cartels, trans-national gangs and human smugglers exploiting our porous border.

To those who say what about immigration, I responded: Chaos is not the right condition for discussing long-term immigration policy. To those who wait on comprehensive immigration reform, here’s my answer: How about we start with comprehensive border enforcement.

Defending the border is not a political option. It is a constitutional obligation. That’s why Texas has stepped into the gap where Washington has failed, as I ordered both a law enforcement surge along the border, and deployment of as many as 1,000 Texas National Guard personnel.

Similarly, a lack of White House action has allowed a renewed terrorist threat to grow out of control in the Middle East. No one had heard of ISIS in January. Now they are marching across Iraq in American tanks, using American weapons and ammunition, and taking cities like Mosul and Fallujah that Americans died to secure.

The recent murder of an American photojournalist confirms the threat we face. We must confront this cancer before it spreads to America if it hasn’t already.

There is no homeland security without border security. We have come to one of those moments when American action will be decisive, and inaction just as consequential.

This is what I say tonight …

So Mr. Perry, will you act, do what it takes to secure our border in Texas, or will you speak and collect donations?

Our operations group in Texas may lend some light upon the actions that Governor Perry so strongly suggests. Time will tell the truth, and the truth shall set us free!

Randy May, admin
Free Nebraska



August 22, 2014

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