Refugee Resettlement – Will Nebraska Be Impacted?

I just viewed this informational video and began thinking about all the Somalians that are now working at Tyson Foods and walking the streets of Lexington … are we being impacted by Refugee Settlement? I think the answer is very clear!

Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement

Wyoming Governor Has Resettlement Camps
here in Wyoming – A Must Listen



May 16, 2015

One thought on “
Refugee Resettlement – Will Nebraska Be Impacted?

  1. Judy Kruse

    This is very troubling but to be expected since Obama said he would fundamentaly change America.
    If the Christian and Jewish groups thought this was a good idea, I can only say they have no idea what they have unleashed on our shores if these people cannot be brought to Christ.
    As far as the UN goes, they know what is to follow. It is part of the plan to destroy us from within.
    We must all draw closer to God and pray for salvation for these people. And pray for strength for all of us when all hell breaks loose. It can not be far off.


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