Texas or Russia?

Just a few minutes ago, I received the following email message from our site host, Lory Storm, She has given me permission to post it to the site along with her photos … Randy May, site administrator.

Randy, I’m between Laredo and McAllen texas meeting with some contacts. It’s like Russia down here. We just passed 2 hotels where more than 40 state troopers were parked along with several federal vehicles. We stopped to take photos, which I will forward to you. A trooper pulled out to block the exit and we just went out another way. Then another one pulled out immediately and pulled is over. Wanted to know what we’re doing in texas. He lied to us, told us we were speeding, when we ABSOLUTELY WEREN’T. In any case he wanted to know who we were and why we were taking pictures but wouldn’t tell us that. Scary down here.


Ps. Will let u know ASAP when anything more happens

photo #1

photo #5

photo #3

photo #4

photo #2


August 13, 2014

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