We Can Still Stop Champers But We Must “Dig In”

This Just in from Nebraska Leaders List ….


The military uses an interesting book to help its people understand killing. Appropriately, it’s called “On Killing”. The premise is that we have such a God-given, deep and natural aversion to killing another human being that only 1-2% of the population will intentionally kill another. Even faced with direct enemy fire in the heat of battle, only 15% or so will fire directly at another human being unless deliberately trained otherwise. The military fully understands that it takes intentional, purposeful training to move the average soldier to the point where he will fire at another human, even to defend himself in battle.

But there is one group that needs no training – the 1-2% called “sociopaths”. They have no barriers. They are mentally wired to kill without guilt or feeling. They can be heroes in battle. But let loose in society, they are the worst of the worst. They kill naturally, without restraint or remorse. They are mental aberrants, beyond change. And that, Nebraska, is a key point of the death penalty. The death penalty is meant to apply to the worst – the incurable – the deviants – as punishment, example and warning.

This week in Omaha: A mother is murdered. Her 11-month old is found alive in a dumpster. The police are still looking for the 5-year-old’s body. The killer threw him in the river, presumably alive to drown. The killer? The son of the woman and the brother of the children. He’s overcome his aversion to killing quite well. But let’s not subject him to the death penalty.

And let’s not use it for the animal who dismembered and fed a child to dogs – or the animal who put a child in a microwave – or the animal who tortured, dismembered and filleted another human being alive. Let’s get rid of the death penalty once and for all.

I understand there are sincere conservatives who oppose the death penalty but I can’t get there rationally.

I understand honoring innocent life. I don’t understand “honoring life” applying to an individual who knowingly, mercilessly, sadistically takes the life of another.

I understand limiting the power of a government we can’t trust, over life and death. I don’t understand how we ignore the legitimate responsibility of government to maintain order and safety, without the centuries-proven tool of demanding the life of one who takes it – especially the sociopath who we now understand will not change.

And my mind totally stops at supporting George Soros. http://www.statepaper.com/news/item/193-death-knell-for-the-death-penalty. Abolishing the death penalty is part of Soros’s agenda to dismantle our system. The simple fact that he and Chambers support the idea should make you think twice about joining them.

And at its core, death penalty opposition is just another case of defending (a fraction of) 1-2% of the population, at the expense of the 99+%. When will we stop giving up our most basic rights in the name of “protecting” a small minority?

There are 13 days left in the session. We can still stop Chambers but you’ll need to dig in. Here’s the current priority list of senators to contact. Start at the top and work down. Be respectful but be firm.

This is not an issue to be decided by feelings or political position. It’s an issue to decide by thought, history and the basic mandates of the Judeo-Christian faith, documented nearly 5,000 years ago.

Priority 1:

Dave Bloomfield 402-471-2716 17 (Dakota, Wayne, Thurston)
Robert Hilkemann 402-471-2611 4 (NW Omaha)
Jerry Johnson 402-471-2719 23 (Saunders)
Brett Lindstrom 402-471-2618 18 (NW Omaha)
John Murante 402-471-2725 49 (North Sarpy)
Les Seiler 402-471-2712 33 (Hall, Adams)

Tier 2:

Tommy Garrett 402-471-2627 3 (East Sarpy)
Mark Kolterman 402-471-2756 24 (Polk, York, Seward)
Ken Schilz 402-471-2616 47 (Southwest Panhandle)

Tier 3:

Paul Schumacher 402-471-2715 22 (Platte, Stanton)



May 10, 2015

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