Convention of States Day

September 15, 1787 … Yes, 230 years ago Article V was expanded to include the authority to the states to call a convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to the constitution, completely bypassing congress. As we celebrate this Convention of States day, let us review this informative video history and recommit our sovereign right as “We The People” to stop the “out of control federal government” and take back the power and authority constitutionally reserved for the states.

Trying To Fix Out-of-Control Government
By Electing New Leaders Is Like Trying To Fix A Car
With 4 Flat Tires by Changing The Driver!


Washington DC is broken and will not be fixed by the ruling elite. The federal government has turned its back on us, the
American people and the best way to curtail government
overreach is a “Convention of States”, as outlined in
Article V of the US Constitution.




September 15, 2017

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