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I Confess … The Infidels Must Be Stopped!

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This just in from our host, Lory Storm …

Ok, I have something that I am going to have to tell you. I would rather you hear it from me, than from the media. God only knows how they’ll spin it.

There has been a photograph taken here at the ranch, it’s graphic and I’m sorry. But, you are my friends and I wanted to tell you in my own words.


As you can clearly see, the barn cats here at Lightning Creek Ranch, have converted to Islam and are, even as we speak, beheading and terrorizing infidel rodents all across this ranch. As soon as we discovered the body we had a meeting of the ranch cabinet. This meeting included General Bald Eagle and Rear Admiral Red Tail Hawk, they suggested that a campaign of relentless airstrikes would allow them to defeat the ISCats without ever touching the ground.

However, and here is where my shame starts, I did not allow them to begin the airstrikes. To be honest, I have told the cats to not only continue their quest for a ranch wide catiphate, but escalate it!! It’s horrible I know, but the infidel rodents are so hard to control!


Any of you doubt that this is how Obama feels about US?



October 23, 2014

Maryland Sheriff Under Fire for Defending the Constitution!

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I wanted to share this morning, an article by Onan Coca published today at Eagle Rising’s news site.

A Maryland sheriff is in hot water for vocally stating his support for the Constitution and his promise to follow through on the vow he made when he became sheriff!

I know, it’s not often that people get mad when someone actually does what they say they will do… but that is exactly what is happening.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence wants the teaching certificate of Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis to be revoked. What exactly did the sheriff say to make the group so upset?

“As long as I’m the sheriff in this county, I will not allow the federal government to come in here and strip my citizens of their right to bear arms. I can tell you this, if they attempt to do that, it would be an all-out civil war, no question about it.”

Um… so basically they’re upset because he’s promising to do what he was elected to do?


This is what the coalition heard when the sheriff promised to hold the rights of the people sacred.

Ladd Everitt, the director of communications for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, had this to say about the comments. “When you employ violence against your government essentially to effect policy decisions, you are damaging the principle of political equality… That’s the behavior of a thug, not a citizen in a democracy,” he said.

Oh, that’s rich!

Someone tell Mr. Everitt that we don’t live in a democracy… we live in a republic.

Also, the sheriff simply stated that he would not abridge the Constitutional rights of his constituents simply because the federal government chose to pass illegal laws. That is a completely rational and sound decision for the chief law officer in a county to make! It’s exactly the reason that we ask every lawman and every soldier to make the very same commitment to our Constitution when they volunteer to serve us. We want to make sure that those given responsibility to use force in our name – serve us and not the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. or in the state capitol either.

Way to go Sheriff – keep up the good work.

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October 13, 2014

Liberty Is Our Inherent Possession, Not Government Gift

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KrisAnne Hall, constitutional attorney speaks at the CSPOA press conference and summarizes the CSPOA Resolution that was drafted by CSPOA on January 24, 2014 and presented to legislative offices on September 17, 2014.



October 9, 2014

Keeping The Oath: The Truth Shall Set Us Free

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Recently, staff writer Jenna Bargas, at Liberty News, wrote an excellent article about what she saw while making a personal inspection of a local border town, Los Ebanos, Texas. Take the time to read this article and then share this page with your friends, relatives and others that have concerns about our nation’s future.

There has been a lot of media attention on “Citizen Militia” groups recently and the majority of the press they have received is not only incredibly bias, but also blatant and willful misinformation being spoon-fed to the American public by a leftist media agenda. The mainstream media has been portraying these groups of concerned citizens as “Rogue” or “Anti-Government” extremists, even going further to say that they are dangerous and should not be present on the border. Unlike members of the mainstream media, I have traveled to the border and spoke with many of these concerned citizens along with the landowners and CBP agents supporting their efforts. The statements being made by the mainstream media could not be further from the truth; the vast majority of individuals in these groups are military veterans, many of which have served multiple tours of duty overseas. The significance behind knowing these “untrained” civilians are actually veterans is the fact that many have served in combat areas such as Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. After speaking with these brave men and women one thing became clear, this is not a “Humanitarian Crisis” as we are being told, instead it is an insurgency, something these individuals know all too well.

Who are these concerned citizens and what is the Militia? A Militia by definition can be a military or paramilitary group; meaning an “Organized” group such as the National Guard or an “Unorganized” group such as private citizens. The Second Amendment of the Constitution recognizes the Militia along with the right of the people to keep and bear arms as necessary to the security of a free State. The Militia is legal and lawful per the Constitution, whether it is a “sanctioned” government force or a private “non-sanctioned” force, not directly supported by the government. This is where the leftist media propaganda comes in, deny the rights of lawful citizens and seek to discredit these citizens through misinformation. As previously stated, the majority of these concerned citizens forming the Militia units along the border are military veterans. The reason this is imperative to know, is that these brave men and women swore an oath to protect and defend this great nation from all enemies foreign and domestic, that oath does not expire once their time in the military has been served.

Along the U.S border in Texas rests the quiet town of Los Ebanos, best known for the hand-operated cable ferry that travels across the Rio Grande River between Los Ebanos, Texas and Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, Tamaulipas. While travelling the border with members of the concerned citizens group “Praetorian Guard” I witnessed first hand the devastation being hidden from the American public by the mainstream media. The town of Los Ebanos has quite literally been overrun by the drug cartels; this once charming small town is now nothing more then empty houses and businesses hiding a dreadful secret. Driving through the town you will find a small park where children once played, local businesses that flourished and homes that are now left abandoned. These abandoned buildings defaced by the graffiti of the insurgents that claimed the town, now house drug traffickers and cartel spotters. Los Ebanos is a shameful glimpse into the future fate of our border towns unless the administration faces the fact that the border needs to be secured.


The ugly truth being hidden from the American public is the fact that the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border is a strategic plan being executed flawlessly by the cartels to distract and overwhelm our border security. While the cartels are exploiting the weaknesses in our border security, our Customs and Border Protection agents are being left with hands tied trying to process overwhelming numbers of illegal immigrants. Many argue that these illegal immigrants are just “women and children” fleeing violence and gangs in their countries but the situation is far more sinister. Not only do the cartels have their hands in the human trafficking and drug trafficking trades, now they are helping members of terrorist organizations slip into our country through the cracks. Don’t believe it? Congressman Jason Chaffetz stated last week at a Homeland Security hearing “There were actually four individuals trying to cross through the Texas border, who were apprehended at two different stations, that do have ties to known terrorist organizations in the Middle East.” Congressman Chaffetz also noted that the U.S. GAO states the country only has 6% operational control over the border. If the country has only a 6% operational control over our border, how can the border be considered secure and why would the Militia’s involvement be a bad thing?

With these facts we know, how can the mainstream media report the truth when they refuse to actually go to the border or speak with these individuals as I have? It is a very simple answer, they can’t. Instead of seeking truth and realizing that there is a valid reason concerned citizens are going to border with the intention to secure it, they point the finger at those crying out for our laws to be enforced. Furthermore, why is the mainstream media focused on the Militia and not the administration’s failure to secure our borders? That is a complicated answer, but it is partially that the leftist media wants the American public to believe the border is secure and that law-abiding citizens are the enemy. Do yourself a favor, read the Constitution, be informed and know your rights. Do not buy into the mainstream media’s smear campaign against law-abiding citizens, they are shining the spotlight on these groups as a way to deflect from the pertinent issue at hand, our borders are being left wide open and the administration is willfully allowing our country to be destroyed.

-Jenna Bargas




October 4, 2014