Understand Our Logo

The words Molon Labe come from a famous historical battle when the Persian King Xerxes marched his 200,000 or so troops to Greece to enlsave the Greeks. The king of Sparta, Herodotus agrees to help and handpicks 300 of Sparta’s best soldiers. Just before the battle, Xerxes sends a messenger to Herodotus and offers to spare the lives of the Spartans if they will lay down their weapons and serve Xerxes as slaves. Herodotus responds, “Come and take them”, referring to the arms of the soldiers. In Greek, come and take them is translated Molon Labe. In other words, the Spartans would rather die fighting than give up their arms and live as slaves.

The snake is taken from the original Marine Corps “Jack Flag” flown during the revolutionary war and again in the war against the Barberry pirates. It meant, don’t tread on the US. That we will not seek conflict, but if you attack or corner us we will bite, much as a rattlesnake.

The N obviously stands for Nebraska. Free Nebraska is one of Nebraska’s Constitutional militias.