Final Opportunity On LB 268


Long, long ago…in a far away election…we thought we had made progress. But, the elections of 2014 gained nothing, except what the OWH calls an “independent streak” or “conservative pragmatism” . A better description was “our Rogue Unicameral”. In electing a very few good people we also elected a larger group of newly-minted RINO’s and unprincipled people more concerned about collegiality, their future and their personal opinions than the people of Nebraska, or what they have specifically said they want. And the prevailing attitude is that us little people ought to understand them.

The principled ones are a few core conservatives and the liberals, staying true to their their agenda. The RINO’s, vote-traders and flippers who twist and turn in the wind are virtually all GOP. I can’t imagine this is what the GOP wants but the chaos is certainly what they are permitting. There is more than enough anger in the general public and the GOP needs to understand the damage they are doing to their own brand.

For a refresher: You have no tax relief, only an increase. Illegals can now obtain a license that makes them fully equal to you and endorses Obama’s amnesty. LB 268, Ernie’s Death Penalty Repeal bill, passed last week with 32 votes, 18 of those from “conservative” Senators. The common cry has been that the process is so jumbled and confusing that we have to get rid of the penalty. But the fact they have made NOT ONE serious attempt to fix the process says it’s just a convenient excuse for not doing the real work – their jobs! Representing has just become too hard.

Our job for this week is to save the death penalty and we can if we hurry.

268 Changes & Flips:
Senator Bloomfield no longer supports 268 after the Tecumseh riots. An honest change.
Sen. Smith’s purple performance continues. He voted no on the bill for the appearance of conservatism, after refusing to oppose cloture and make a real difference. His reputation is that of an outstanding vote trader.
Senators Gloor and Murante jumped ship and voted for 268.
Larson and Schilz voted for Cloture, (against the death penalty), then refused to vote for or against the bill? Their cloture votes did the damage, then they ducked for cover – likely to fulfill a vote trading promise.
Understand that refusing to vote against cloture enabled Ernie and did more damage than a vote against the bill itself.

But it’s not all bad:
You can thank these senators for holding the line: Bloomfield, Brasch, Craighead, Friesen, Groene, Hughes, Kintner ,Kuehn, McCoy, Riepe, Scheer, Schnoor, Stinner and Watermeier . They represented Nebraska.
Your calls and emails are finally making a difference. Hilkemann & Lindstrom are reportedly feeling major discomfort from their vote against the DP. They need to feel more.
Gloor should be getting heat (they tell me).
AND – there’s good evidence that 268, as passed, is unconstitutional and can be overturned. But it’s better to stop it this week.

This Week: Gov Ricketts will almost certainly veto the bill. Opponents will try to hold 30 votes to override it. Convince at least 3 senators to change their vote – or at least not vote (the same as voting NO) – and you will sustain the veto, killing the bill.

So our job is clear. We have to change 3 senators – by Tuesday. It’s very doable if you will stay at it.

Just one more thing…This is a passionate issue and there have been some angry, belligerent calls to senators whose support we need. As angry as you have every right to be, PLEASE keep your comments and calls courteous. You can be firm but don’t be drawn into name-calling, threats or accusations. All that does is lose ground for the rest of us.


Baker, Roy
(402) 471-2620
Solidly anti-penalty. GOP? Why?

Davis, Al
(402) 471-2628
Campaigned as “Tough On Crime”

Hilkemann, Bob
(402) 471-2621
Feeling The Heat – Add More!

Johnson, Jerry
(402) 471-2719
Wants to be re-elected.

Kolterman, Mark
(402) 471-2756
Campaigned as “Tough On Crime”

Lindstrom, Brett
(402) 471-2618
Feeling The Heat – Add More

McCollister, John
(402) 471-2622
Also voted your tax increase!

Murante, John
(402) 471-2725
Running against Ashford in ’16?

Seiler, Les
(402) 471-2712
Wants to be re-elected.

Campbell, Kathy
(402) 471-2731
Campaigned as “Tough On Crime”

Coash, Colby
(402) 471-2632
“Campaigned as “Tough On Crime”

Gloor, Mike
(402) 471-2617
Why is he flipping?

Larson, Tyson
(402) 471-2801
Is he just trading votes?

Schilz, Ken
(402) 471-2616
Campaigned as “Tough On Crime”

Smith, Jim
(402) 471-2730
What vote is he trading his for?

Ebke, Laura
(402) 471-2711
One of the “reasonable”.

Garrett, Tommy
(402) 471-2627
Solidly anti-penalty. GOP? Why?



May 25, 2015

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