The Nebraska “RINO” Party In Our Legislature


I understand the following is harsh but I know no other way to say it.

Dear “Republican” (Unicameral) Senators.

Yes, you’re reading the emotion correctly. We’re angry with the weak, unprincipled charade you foisted on us as a 2015 Unicameral session.

There were you newly-minted RINO’s, elected because you conned us during your campaign (McCollister, Johnson, Davis, Garrett, stand up and take your bow.)

There were you veteran actors (Coash and others) who manieuvered, misled and used your experience to manipulate your way around other senators as well as the will of Nebraskans.

And then there were the veteran RINO’s, now skilled at their craft – Krist, Schumacher, Gloor and their ilk. Larson and Schilz, you not only displayed a total lack of character and conviction: you gave every appearance of selling yourselves to anyone who gave you a few bucks to support a bill.

And where do you put “Constitution Jim” Smith? He spent so much time talking about the Constitution to be elected that he earned the nickname – then earned the nickname “Trader Jim” (then Traitor Jim), selling himself anywhere needed to pass a tax increase you told him you didn’t want.

And Gov. Ricketts, one simple question: “Where Were You?” You don’t get practice sessions. This was the real thing. We missed you.

But the absolute shame and embarrassment was the GOP. You have the official majority but let anybody use your name, unchallenged. You don’t vet candidates; you give virtually no support to finding and electing good men; you refuse to lead your “majority”; you do nothing to coordinate your people because you ignore your values or agenda. Explain to me again why I should support you – or care that you exist? “RINO” can now describe people, or the party itself.

So here are some suggestions from us “little people”. They may not be as wise and all-knowing but they can’t be any worse:

The small minority of Senators who stood on principle (Groene, Ebke, Kintner, Schnoor, etc.,) should meet with other conservative senators NOW to recap what went right and what went wrong.

When you meet, forget the nonsense about a non-partisan Unicameral. Your job is to develop a winning strategy for next year!!!!!

And when you meet… Rural Senators, this isn’t your farm. The independence that makes you a good farmer made some of you weak, divisive, unreliable senators. Demanding what you think vs. what lets us win kept us in the “Loser” column. You become unreliable at best; an opponent frequently.

And the most important reason to meet? DO YOUR ARGUING BEFORE NEXT YEAR’S SESSION. Issues divided you. Leaders arguing publicly is the surest sign that they are not leaders. If you won’t decide the critical issues BEFORE they come up, you forfeit the right to lead and we’re not going to follow fussing, petty people.

And Gov Ricketts & the GOP – please show up. What else is there to say? PRETTY PLEASE?

We’ll Either Learn From This Year And Come Back With A Productive 2016 – Or The Libs Will Finish The Job Of Destroying A Party Well Under Way To Destroying Itself.


May 30, 2015

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