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May 4 – Patriotic Quote

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Today’s Quote from the Patriot Post

“There is no maxim in my opinion which is more liable to be misapplied, and which therefore needs elucidation than the current one that the interest of the majority is the political standard of right and wrong.” —James Madison, letter to James Monroe, 1786


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May 4, 2015

First Round of the Budget Debate Ends This Week

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There seems to be a tiny wire connecting the brain and the mouth of all liberals. Before any liberal can consistently articulate their philosophy, it must be severed. The recap below is from this week’s budget debate.

“First round of the Budget debate ended this week.

Hamfest 1:
There was a proposed transfer of funds ($8 million) to Creighton University, which was contested.
Its purpose is to overcome a “shortfall of dentists” in the state, with no evidence presented to verify it.
BUT, Constitutionally, the State cannot give funds to a private institution.
Senator Mello admitted it is illegal.
He followed by openly stating he had found a way around the law to give the money.

Hamfest 2:
Another $25 million given to the university for a “pie in the sky” medical innovation project.
I believe this was authored by Sen. Schilz (I have not been able to verify that so ask, don’t accuse), which would raise the question of what favor a western senator owes Omaha – or what favor he is seeking.
Sen. Groene pointed out that the same ‘Innovation Campus’ is still not complete and that there is a revolving door, coming back for more money every year. His protest fell on deaf ears.

And all of these funds ($33 million) will come out of cash reserves. Sen. Schnoor submitted 2 amendments to have the $33 M given back to the taxpayers instead, through the property tax relief credit fund. Both failed.

Sen. Mello’s argument against them was that returning money to the taxpayer “ … is not good tax policy.” HUH??? Repeat: Giving back excess funds to taxpayers is not good tax policy. Did the Unicameral really tolerate that comment?

But Sen. Nordquist solved the mystery, explaining that cash reserve funds are maintained to cover losses in revenue in the down years, but it is OK to give one time payments (repeatedly) for innovations such as this.

So liberal logic says that you first pass a budget, then fund your hometown pork projects from state surplus funds. After all, it’s legislative malpractice to give the money back to taxpayers!

Fortunately, we’re close to the end of the session – but don’t stop yet. Word from the Capitol says you’ve pushed a couple of senators to support the death penalty. BUT also understand that Ernie’s bill to abolish it will likely pass. That means our only option is to persuade a couple more senators to insure we can sustain Gov. Ricketts’ veto. More on that when the information is received.

We’re also trying to find options to stop illegals from obtaining drivers’ licences. There’s a lot of money behind this one, with organizations like the Chamber and Nebraska Cattlemen supporting it. Obviously, financial gain is more important than upholding the law.

Stay Tuned



May 4, 2015